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People's General Red Danger (RD) is user made expansion pack of SSI's turn-based strategy game - People's General. In a fact currently RD are 2 separate and independent expansion packs for People's. Two RD e-files appeared as widely extended and developed version of original e-file, which stats level may be taken as a base for further changes.

“Red Danger Asia” (RDA) uses 961 units (October 2011) of 19 countries from which 18 can fight as a stand-alone (except United Nations). By stand-alone term I mean that the country have enough own units of all the Classes to play without other countries support. Although weaker countries, like Malaysia for example aren’t so powerful as USA, they still can fight independently from foreign support. RDA geographically covers the Southern East Asia region, including Pacific islands. The action takes place in year 2000 or later, what means the e-file contains modern equipment. RDA contains 4 campaigns and 9 stand-alone scenarios. All dedicated to RDA and made from scratch.

RDA campaigns:

19 Countries for RDA:

1 United States
2 Tamil Eelam
3 China
4 Russia
5 North Korea
6 South Korea
7 Thailand
8 N O N E
9 India
10 Philippines
11 Japan
12 Singapore
13 Indonesia
14 Australia
15 Vietnam
16 Taiwan
17 Pakistan
18 Sri Lanka
19 Malaysia
20 United Nations

“Red Danger Europe” (RDE) uses 996 units (October 2011) of 20 countries from which 19 can fight as a stand-alone (except United Nations). RDE geographically covers the European continent, including Turkey mainland in Asia Minor. The action takes place in year 2000 or later, what means the e-file contains modern equipment. RDE contains 7 campaigns and 12 stand-alone scenarios. All dedicated to RDE and made from scratch.

RDE campaigns:


20 Countries for RDE:

1 United States
2 SerbiaChechnya
3 Russia
4 Chechnya
5 Switzerland
6 Greece
7 Sweden
8 Germany
9 United Kingdom
10 France
11 Turkey
12 Norway
13 Czech
14 Italy
15 Poland
16 Hungary
17 Ukraine
18 Finland
19 Belarus
20 United Nations


Both Red Danger RDA/RDE detailed features:

- Use specifically modified Movement Rate Table (MRT), which includes:

- A lot of new units added. Original PeG has 373 units, and both RD Mods have around 996 each.

- New types or subtypes of units:

- Widely changed and extended stats of existing and new units.

- Air Missions cost is mostly lowered comparing to original PeG. It has to encourage to Special Forces missions.

- RD intentionally puts an accent on Special Ops, and Joint Forces Operations. That's the reason why Special Forces are numerous and play important role in tactics. Player will achieve the best results if wisely use various types and subtypes of units. RD also offers extended possibilities of partisan or anti-partisan warfare (some countries only).


RDA/RDE camp descriptions contains also subjective estimation of difficulty level of specific campaigns. All original PeG stuff is the fixed point of comparing. Assumed that PeG one is very easy. As reported RD scenarios appears as at least rather difficult or even extremaly difficult.

Some history.

RD has been firstly published in October 2001. It was version 1.0 and single expansion pack for 20 countries. Update to v1.1 appeared in December the same year. V1.2 was published in June 2002. Over 2 months has been updated to v.1.3. This version brought the fundamental change. RD has been split on two separate expansion packs which had 40 countries. In February of 2007 on was published v.1.5beta. In a fact it was the v.1.4 with some Readme files updated and added new game sets. Only minor changes were made in camps or stand-alone scenarios, if any. In the fall of 2007 RD was split again on three separate expansions pack - RDA, RDE and RDM. Some countries were removed from RDA and RDE to RDM. In their places new added. Also the new ones were added to RDM. Current version 2.0 beta contains only RDA and RDE. Some of old scenarios from v.1.4-1.5 were removed to RDM because their countries moved too. RDM won't be published in predictable term. 2.0 is named beta because after the deep modifications of e-files many things has changed. Versions up to 1.4 were play-tested, it means that generally it camps and scns should work properly, and minor errors are possible. In case of v2.0 beta there's no guarantee that more serious than minor errors appear. In time I'm going successfully to play-test and improve existing camps and then publish the final 2.0 version. Between Spetember and October 2011 many graphical changes were made. Units use much more modern icons than before. Start/splashscreens of the game were renewed as well. Campaign NEO was modified a bit.

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