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My appreciation especially goes to:

1. SSI - the company which created People’s General,

2. Madman for inspiration.

3. Fred Chlanda for creating the tools and making modifications possible.

4. Lasse Jensen for making another tools.

5. Icon Creators - as follows in included file “all icon creators.txt

6. Michel (M.L.) – set of wonderful modern icons.

7. Luis Guzman - the creator of the amazing PeG Suite and other tools; for modifying Suite on personal request; and other additional help.

8. Redball - gamesets 2.7 and 3.0, maintaining Redball's Express, File Specs, PeG technical knowledge and other help.

9. Robert Mary - for hosting RD packages, co-operation at RE Forum, sharing the html code which was helpful for creating this website; for inspiring me to RD make wizard installer exe.

10. Yakobinets - huge set of modern icons and making some unique scuba ones for personal request.

11. Michael Novak - for making in 2010 year the first outside campaign dedicated for Red Danger (Europe).

12. I appreciate the work of so many others who have transformed war-gaming into an art form. Thank you for playing the game. I hope you will have as much fun and satisfaction playing the game as we - members of the PeG Community have modifying it.

13. And last but not least, I thank very much my wife Agnieszka for her understanding and patience.