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People's General Red Danger website by Devore
PeG-Red Danger are two addition Mods to People's General, a modern warfare turn-based tactical game


The company was founded by Joel Billings, a war game enthusiast. He hired programmers John Lyon, who wrote Computer Bismarck, and Ed Williger, who wrote Computer Ambush. Both games were written in BASIC as were many more of SSI's games.Computer Bismarck was released for the Apple II in January 1980 and for the TRS-80 later in the year.

Ever since SSI released its first game the company has developed and published scores of wargames like : "Tigers In The Snow" (1981) -SSI's first game for the PC-, "Battles of Napoleon" (1989), "Waterloo" (1990) or "Clash of Steel" (1993).

In 1994 SSI released their most important game : "Panzer General" (innovative RPG elements, accesibility to non-wargamers). PG was the base for the Five Star system that carried SSI through five major games : "Panzer General", "Allied General", "Star General", "Fantasy General", and "Pacific General".

"Panzer General II" (1997) was the first major upgrade to the Five Star system and was the first title of a new series entitled "Living Battlefield".

Based on the Living Battlefield engine that made its debut with Panzer General II, "People's General" (1998) is a turn-based strategy game which takes a speculative look at the Eastern Hemisphere in the year 2005.

People's General uses an updated version of the graphics engine in Panzer General II, and the controls are similar.
One major difference with People's General as opposed to earlier SSI wargames is how airpower is handled.

SSI was acquired by Mindscape in 1994, which was in turn acquired by The Learning Company, which was "in turn" acquired by Mattel. From 2003 SSI is a brand name of Ubi Soft.

A French press review (PC4WAR) about the whole SSI Panzer General series can be found here

What is PeG ? Answers can be found on Redball's Express forum

Welcome :
This website has been created in order to allow players to download PeG campaigns, some of them being a result of a conversion of PG2 campaigns originally created by various authors. Each campaign includes all *.map files, a readme file, the readme file from the PG2 original campaign designer, and an excel file including campaign flow with references to used map files.
Pre-requesite :
This site is intended for license owners of "People's General" SSI strategic games.
Players will still need PeG game. They will also have to get S16 files or to convert SHP files into S16 format. Most of *.SHP file are available at
Steve Brown's Website
Download People's General game :
Right-click on the file then use "save link as" to download it.

PeG Technical specs

  • Released: 1998
  • OS: Windows 95/98
  • System: Pentium-166 or equivalent
  • RAM:32 MB RAM
  • Video Memory: 2 MB VRAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 60 MB
  • Mouse: Yes
  • Sound Board: Yes
  • DirectX: DirectX v6.0
  • Multiplayer options: LAN, Internet (TCP/IP)
Dat file (with all graphical files: icons and game interface)
This is the DAT file to be used with the original People's General and its Red Danger mod. It includes all modern icons existing so far (but duplicate icons have been erased) and a few WW2 icons. It includes a Unigen.txt with icons description. Decompressed with Winrar it makes 66 MB. Dated on 11/02/2011.
23,8 MB
Peoples.exe files (user modified version of the SSI copyrighted game "People's General")

PeG version 3.0 Beta (2007) is a user modified version of the SSI copyrighted game "People's General". PeG 3.0 Beta is not an authorized modification of People's General and SSI has no responsibility for it.

PeG 3.0 is an enhancement package. It does not contain all the files required to run People's General. If you do not own a copy of PeG please download one from The Underdogs or from another authorized distributor of the game. PeG 3.0 Beta is provided free of charge. PeG 3.0 is compatible with and supersedes earlier versions of the exe file.

592 kB
PeG version 2.7a (2006) is a user modified version of the SSI copyrighted game "People's General". The package includes peoples.exe, installation readme file, gui026.txt, Misc026.txt, Names.txt, tips97.txt). See txt files included for details.
All usermade gamesets are based on this exe file named basic gameset.
724 kB
Installation of additional maps
Background: This section has been created in order to clarify installation of maps for new comers who often forget to convert the maps into the adequate format before playing a campaign. As a result they believe that PeG campaigns are not playable, this section is dedicated to them. PeG is installed by default with a minimum number of maps. PG2 and PeG campaign designers saw soon the opportunity to develop and use "user-made" maps (*.map and *.SHP files).
Preliminary information: . PeG and PG2 are using the same maps (*.map files), however the *.SHP files (used for PG2) need to be converted into *.S16 files (for PeG). *.map files are always installed in a SCENARIO directory whereas *.S16 files must be installed in a MAP directory.
Install PeG on your Hard Disk Drive.
Install *.map files (always part of my campaign zip files) in PG2\SCENARIO and in PeG\SCENARIO. I also add in my campaign packages an Excel file showing the exact map required per scenario with its corresponding map number (which is often needed for identification purposes before download).  
Download additional *.SHP files (see the "link" section below, there is not only Steve Brown's website but also Builder's Paradise, Panzer, the Latin's General, the Baltic's General, 5 Stars General, ...). Steve has a dedicated map section with a complete list of all user-made maps, including the corrected maps.

Install the *.SHP files in PG2\MAP (nb: installing all existing user-made maps so far would require approximately 700 MB hard disk space, however just those I'm using are needed to play my converted campaigns).

Links dedicated to PeG documentation
People's General Manual
Official SSI game manual (3,7 MB pdf file download)
People's General Strategy guide revision 1.0
Written by Mark Kirby
General Links dedicated to PeG

Article about PeG in Wikipedia.

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